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6 Apartment Hacks For Living Comfortably In West Lafayette
July 14, 2020
Here are 6 apartment hacks in West Lafayette to tidy up your apartment. These are all able to be reversed and are DIY-easy.
Clubhouse at Hamilton
3 Tips On Apartment Hunting In The West Lafayette Area
July 1, 2020
Apartment shopping in West Lafayette can be made stress-free when you follow these few simple tips.
Five Questions To Ask On An Apartment Tour In West Lafayette
May 28, 2020
When touring apartments, it's important to discover certain things before signing the lease. Here are the 5 questions to ask on an apartment tour in West Lafayette.
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How To Find Pet-Friendly Apartments in West Lafayette
May 22, 2020
Most apartments will market themselves as friendly to pets, but how real is that claim? Heres how to locate an unquestionably pet-friendly apartment in West Lafayette.
Pets in a apartment
How To Be A Responsible Pet Owner
June 27, 2019
Being a pet owner comes with a lot of responsibility. Check out this blog for tips on being a responsible pet owner.
Closet Organization: How To Organize the Perfect Closet
April 22, 2019
5 quick and easy tips to proactively organize your apartment closet to get the most out of your limited space in the apartment, and have it looking Marie Kondo approved. Saving space with more hangers, organizing with a purpose and using space in the rest of your bedroom will give your closet a gold star.
Investing in our Future by Providing Good Will Today
April 18, 2019
J.C. Hart Company has a well-known passion for giving back to our community and investing dollars, company hours and human capital in charitable causes.
Studies Show Houseplants Improve Your Mental Health & Wellness
April 15, 2019
It is well documented that there are realized mental & physical health benefits to houseplants in your spaces. Studies show that having a houseplants in your apartment home can improve mental health both short and long-term. Two examples of low-maintenance houseplants that pack a mental health & wellness punch are the spider and snake plants.