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The Most Popular Plants For Apartments In West Lafayette

December 17, 2021
Blue and green apartment at Union Street Flats.

You might think of them as “houseplants,” but these plants can thrive in an apartment as well. Plants add interest to your apartment decor, enhance air quality, boost your disposition, and let you feel close to nature when you can’t get outside to enjoy your wonderful community. The most popular plants for apartments in West Lafayette don’t require a lot of care. If you need topiaries or succulents in your home, these low-maintenance plants are a wonderful present for your apartment.

The Most Popular Plants For Apartments In West Lafayette With Low Light

A bedroom with a plant in the corner in 116 apartments.

Your apartment layout was built for human beings but not necessarily plants. If your room doesn’t bring in an abundance of natural light, you can still enjoy the greenery that flourishes in dimly lit rooms. Spider plants are nice, easy plants that won’t demand an abundance of natural light. These plants feature skinny flat leaves and propagate by sending out “spiderettes,” or smaller replicants of themselves that trail off of the main plant. They look great on higher shelves that allow the tendrils a place to dangle. Spider plants are very forgiving and only need watering when the soil dries out. They also like a crowded pot, so you won’t have to prune them almost ever.

The peace lily is also one of the most popular plants for apartments in West Lafayette. These sweet flowers have elegant forest green leaves and white flowers. They are taller than they are wide and won’t need a lot of sunlight, so you can park one in any place that needs dressing up in your smaller apartment. They also shouldn’t need much upkeep and will tell forgetful caretakers that they’re thirsty by dropping leaves.

The Top Apartment Plants That Won’t Need Tons Of Water

A kitchen with succulent plants on a counter in Echo Park Bloomington Apartments. 

If you’re a work-a-holic, studying, or experiencing your community’s excellent amenities, you could fail to remember to take care of your houseplants. To avoid killing your vegetation, get succulents and cacti. These desert plants only look for water once a week in warm seasons and less during winter. Plant them in a cactus and succulent potting mix and place them in a sunny space like a window sill.

Succulents and cacti are now fashionable as room knick-knacks. You can order them in various sizes, colors, and shapes. Display your succulents and cacti in colorful terracotta pots or hanging terrariums, or mix and match some unique kinds in one large pot.

The Top Plants For Purifying Your Indoor Air

Spacious living room with plants in The Verge Luxury Apartments.

Invisible contaminants from general dust and inside things can store in the air in your home. You’ll feel better with live plants like snake plants and pathos. They absorb contaminants from the environment and release clean oxygen back into your apartment.

Pothos are plants with large leaves with long stalks that like to come over the ledges of shelving or hanging pots. They excel in most lighting with a daily watering.

Snake plants have rigid, pointed leaves that stand up upright. They diverge with some other popular vegetation if you are looking to cluster a few types together. Snake plants should stand up to a bit of abandonment and require not much light or water, making them tough to hurt.

Any Plant Is Perfect For Continuum Apartments

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