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The Benefits And Disadvantages of Renting A House Vs. Renting An Apartment In West Lafayette

December 07, 2022
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You’ve established that you want to rent in West Lafayette, but will you rent an apartment or house? Either option puts a roof over your head, but outside of that, they may be very different experiences. When selecting between renting a house vs. renting an apartment in West Lafayette, compare the advantages and drawbacks of each one before you choose.

The Pros And Cons Of Renting A House In West Lafayette

Red brick exterior of a townhome at The District At Saxony

Renting a house in West Lafayette appeals to people who wish to have extra room and privacy. On the other hand, renting a house typically entails extra responsibilities.

The Advantages

  • Additional living space: The bulk of houses are roomier than typical apartments. When you need a wealth of space for occupants, furry friends, or your belongings, a house will likely have the additional rooms you require.
  • More outdoor space: Besides more interior room, houses usually have yards for energetic kids or animals. Apartments have community space outdoors, and potentially even a dog park, but they often lack private outdoor space.
  • Added privacy: Tired of hearing your neighbors? When you rent a house, you won’t have shared walls with strangers which results in hearing each other.

The Cons

  • Higher costs: Since they’re bigger, it usually is more expensive to rent a house vs. an apartment in West Lafayette. In addition, utilities for a house are more expensive, and you may have to pay a company to mow if you’re unable to handle it yourself.
  • More maintenance responsibilities: Many rental home contracts require you to help keep up the property. If you despise yard work, renting a house may not be the best idea.

The Benefits And Disadvantages Of Renting An Apartment

A living room in a high-rise apartment with a wall of windows and a city view.

Renting an apartment offers lots of conveniences and amenities. Countless people enjoy the ease of renting an apartment if they don’t require the space and privacy often found in a house.

The Advantages

  • Less responsibility: When you rent an apartment, a maintenance team takes care of all repair jobs and contracts a landscaping company to tend to the exterior.
  • Life-enhancing amenities: Most apartment communities have a range of features that enhance your experience, like a pool, health center, or dog park. It’s nice to have these extra benefits so close to home with no additional cost.
  • More apartments to select from: If you need to rent, you’ll have less of a challenge finding an apartment as opposed to a house. This is particularly the case if you have to make a quick move.
  • More affordable: If you’re dealing with limited finances, you’re more likely to discover an apartment that fits your income. It’s also more affordable to run the A/C and furnace in an apartment than a house, and you won’t have additional costs such as a lawn service.

The Disadvantages

  • Less privacy: When residing in an apartment, you have just a wall between you and neighboring Residents. If you prefer not to listen to other folks on the other side, carefully consider opting for apartment living.
  • Smaller living space: You can locate roomy apartments in West Lafayette, but most apartments have less living and storage space than a house.

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